Good reasons to make Pulaski, Tn your new home

If you are looking for a place to call home that offers a small town feel, convinces to large cities within an hour and a lot of bang for your buck in property values…. Pulaski, Tn may just be for you. Pulaski offers the basic day to day needs such as Was-mart, Home Depot, Tractor Supply and a handful of other chains, but Pulaski also offers great local businesses. Pulaski’s square, where our office is located, is a hub for many of the local business where you can get everything from a ice cream to a lawn mower within a few blocks. Every Saturday morning there is a farmers market on the south side of the court house and a great place to meet people and to purchase local goods. Giles County has 4 exits on Interstate 65, so commuting from Pulaski is convenient for traveling both north and south . If you would like more information on Pulaski, please contact one of our agents today and they would be happy to set up a time to meet you and show you in person what a great town we call home.